Smart and distinct, the Banff has generous cushioning that provides comfort within a stylish design.


Banff lifestyle
  • Banff lifestyle

RRP from £1,010.00 (armchair) ex. VAT

The contemporary styled arms and ample cushioning enable the Banff to integrate into many different environments whether it be modern chic or traditional conservative.

As with the entire collection, the Banff can be produced with either a beech wood frame or indeed a steel framework and plywood shell exterior for added robustness. Practical, washable loose covers are also available for use with the Banff.

Available in 1, 2 and 3 seat units.

Made in Britain

  Seat Width Seat Length Seat Height Seat to Arm Seat to Back Overall Width Overall Depth
Banff Armchair 560 500 450 200 600 960 960
Banff 2-Seat Settee 1060 500 450 200 600 960 960
Banff 3-Seat Settee 1640 500 450 200 600 960 960




Available in direct upholstery fabrics with the option of loose covers.

All measurements (mm) are approximate.


Vinyl: Enduratex Prairie

Price Band A

Vinyl Enduratex Prairie SorrelSorrel
Vinyl Enduratex Prairie TurtlecreekTurtlecreek
Vinyl Enduratex Prairie RaindanceRaindance
Vinyl Enduratex Prairie DuststormDuststorm

Vinyl: Venture

Price Band CH

Vinyl Venture HyacinthHyacinth
Vinyl Venture RoseRose
Vinyl Venture Duck EggDuck Egg
Vinyl Venture MulberryMulberry

Vinyl: Cadet Trek

Price Band CH

Vinyl Cadet Trek IndigoIndigo
Vinyl Cadet Trek RoseRose
Vinyl Cadet Trek SeafoamSeafoam

Vinyl: Etch

Price Band CH

Vinyl Etch WedgewoodWedgewood
Vinyl Etch MauveMauve
Vinyl Etch PeonyPeony
Vinyl Etch OceanOcean

Vinyl: Berkshire

Price Band CH

Vinyl Berkshire BoxfordBoxford
Vinyl Berkshire FawleyFawley
Vinyl Berkshire CavershamCaversham
Vinyl Berkshire PurleyPurley

Vinyl: Brookland

Price Band A

Vinyl Brookland ChablisChablis
Vinyl Brookland RedRed
Vinyl Brookland NavyNavy
Vinyl Brookland MushroomMushroom
Vinyl Brookland ExpressoExpresso
Vinyl Black BlackBlack
Vinyl Black CreamCream

Vinyl: Vyflex

Price Band A

Vinyl Vyflex JadeJade
Vinyl Vyflex NavyNavy
Vinyl Vyflex RoseRose

Panvelle Stretch: Plain

Price Band A

Panvelle Stretch Plain SpruceSpruce
Panvelle Stretch Plain PinkPink
Panvelle Stretch Plain IndigoIndigo
Panvelle Stretch Plain LilacLilac
Panvelle Stretch Plain CrimsonCrimson

Panvelle Stretch: Spirit

Price Band A

Panvelle Stretch Spirit BlueBlue
Panvelle Stretch Spirit EvergreenEvergreen
Panvelle Stretch Spirit BurgundyBurgundy

Panvelle Stretch: Eva

Price Band A

Panvelle Stretch Eva FernFern
Panvelle Stretch Eva AzureAzure
Panvelle Stretch Eva HyacinthHyacinth
Panvelle Stretch Eva MulberryMulberry

Panvelle Stretch: Monaco

Price Band A

Panvelle Stretch Monaco Black/ChalkBlack/Chalk
Panvelle Stretch Monaco DenimDenim
Panvelle Stretch Monaco Lime/MochaLime/Mocha
Panvelle Stretch Monaco MulberryMulberry

Panaz Trevira: Spirit

Price Band A

Panaz Trevira Spirit BlueBlue
Panaz Trevira Spirit EvergreenEvergreen
Panaz Trevira Spirit BurgundyBurgundy

Panaz Trevira: Eva

Price Band A

Panaz Trevira Eva FernFern
Panaz Trevira Eva AzureAzure
Panaz Trevira Eva HyacinthHyacinth
Panaz Trevira Eva MulberryMulberry

Panaz Trevira: Monaco

Price Band A

Panaz Trevira Monaco Black/ChalkBlack/Chalk
Panaz Trevira Monaco DenimDenim
Panaz Trevira Monaco Lime/MochaLime/Mocha
Panaz Trevira Monaco MulberryMulberry