Riser Recliner Motor Actions

Single motor or dual motor? We explain the difference...

Riser Recliners

Riser Recliners

Hand built, made to measure riser recliners with superb functionality.

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Riser Recliner Motor Actions


The chosen functionality and motor action of a riser recliner chair is dependent on the user's needs whether it is to provide enhanced support, ease of getting in and out, ankle elevation when sitting, the ability to side transfer from the chair to a wheelchair or simply for comfort when sitting and relaxing. Consideration should be given to tilt-in-space, back angle recline, elevating legrests and rise facilities, to assist with daily activities.

Single Motor Chairs

Standard Sit Position First Recline Position	Full Recline Position Seat Lift Position
A single motor chair will provide you with a two-way, tilt-in-space action that gives high leg elevation without the occupant experiencing friction or shear as the seat to back angle remains constant. This is controlled through an uncomplicated three-buttoned handset; 2 buttons to operate the chair and one button to unlock the handset.

Dual Motor Chairs

Standard Sit Position First Recline Position 2 Second Recline Position Full Recline Position 2 Seat Lift Position

As the name suggests, dual motor chairs utilise two motors, operated by a five-buttoned handset to allow independent legrest and backrest operation. The backrest can be reclined virtually flat with minimal friction or shear as the backrest opens away from the seat.

Dual Motor Tilt-in-Space Chairs

Standard Sit Position First Recline Position	Second Recline Position 1 Full Recline & Tilt Position Seat Lift Position

Dual motor Tilt-in-Space Chairs enable independent backrest operation with the addition of a tilt-in-space recline motion. The tilt-in-space movement significantly enhances comfort by minimising the amount of friction and shear and multi-positioning legrest elevation is also provided.

Bariatric Heavy Duty Action

Waddesdon II

Designed for the larger user the Waddesdon II has a six button handset with a one lift motor and a further two motors to power the direct drive legrest. The legrest has a dynamic weight limit of 160kg/25 stone.

Wallhugger Chairs

Utilising a single motor, wallhugger chairs are ideal for use next to walls or in confined areas. As the back reclines the legrest rises in a single motion and the chair moves forward and away from the wall, requiring just a 5-6" gap behind it.

Standard Sit Position First Recline Position	 Full Recline Position Seat Lift Position

Lift and Tilt Actions

All medium or large Chatsworths and upgraded Mistley riser recliners have adjustable lift and tilt actions. They are supplied as standard in maximum tilt, lowest lift position but can be adjusted to achieve higher, flatter lift (medium tilt) or very high, virtually flat lift (vertical lift). Just tell us what you need and we can accommodate. The Tate II is also available with this choice but is supplied with vertical lift as standard to further assist side transfers. 

Lift and Tilt Actions