Improving posture thus improving circulation and reducing pressure on the spine.


ProBax™ is an innovative foam-based seating technology which aims to support & tilt the pelvis very subtly thus allowing the spine to adopt its natural ‘S’-shaped lordotic curve.

By reducing the degree of constriction in blood vessels, aggravated by slumped posture, clinical tests have indicated that ProBax™ enhances blood flow & helps reduce muscle fatigue in the vast majority of users. Patented ProBax™ technology uses strategically placed geometric inserts  of various densities of foam within the existing cushion to support the body in a more upright and natural position.

We offer the option of ProBax™ because we genuinely feel it can help improve seated posture and comfort in all our chairs. By helping to maintain a good sitting position for a longer period of time ProBax™ can deliver many benefits:

  • Improved seated posture as well as providing a good starting position from which to rise from a chair
  • Respiratory function and digestion may be enhanced by encouraging a more upright posture

  • Postural stability can give the sitter an improved sense of support and security

  • Improved circulation, especially to the lower limbs and buttocks can aid prevention of tissue breakdown and may help reduce problems associated with long term sitting through improvement in comfort, posture and venous blood flow of the legs

  • Relieved stress on the spinal discs can help reduce back and neck pain as well as pressure under the hamstring muscles thus reducing fatigue

Probax™ allows the whole body an opportunity to maintain its natural position without effort.