Intelli-Gel® Cushions

Evidence based design

Incorporating the latest pressure care advances, Kirton bring you an innovative range of stand alone cushions utilising similar technology to the Intelli-Gel® Integral cushion to offer pressure relief for those at very high risk or with existing pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

Intelli-Gel® Cushions

Incorporating the latest pressure care advances, Intelli-Gel® Cushions are an innovative range of independent pressure relief cushions for those at very high risk and assist in the healing of pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

Independent research from Professor Stephen Sprigle's lab at Georgia Tech has indicated that Intelli-Gel® performs similarly to a commercially available air bladder wheelchair cushion. Unlike an air-based cushion however, Intelli-Gel® cannot leak or puncture and will continue to perform effectively even if damaged.

The simplicity of the cushions is underpinned by a sound understanding of why and how pressure ulcers are formed. Intelli-Gel® does not require set up or installation, the cushions can simply be placed in a chair or seating system and will be effective immediately.

The Intelli-Gel® cushions come in two styles; a Contoured version and a Low Profile Topper.

Intelli-Gel® Contour Intelli-Gel® Contour Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile Topper Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile Topper

Intelli-Gel® Contour

The Intelli-Gel® Contour is designed to reduce the risk of individuals developing a pressure ulcer and to assist in the healing of pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP). The Intelli-Gel® Contour is intended to replace existing seat cushions in chairs and to be used as seat cushions in wheelchairs, on hard surfaces and sling seats.

Intelli-Gel® Low Profile Topper

Designed for use over existing seat cushioning or on sling wheelchair seats, the Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile Topper will improve comfort without significantly increasing seat height. Used as a topper in conjunction with an existing seat cushion, the Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile can reduce the risk of pressure ulcers for those at high risk or with existing pressure ulcers up to Grade II (EPUAP).

The Intelli-Gel® Low-Profile is also intended to improve comfort for healthy individuals who sit for long durations, such as road or air travel, or in the office.

Intelli-Gel® Cushion Covers

Stretch Fabric Cover (a) Stretch Fabric Cover (a) Seam Sealed PU Cover (b) Seam Sealed PU Cover (b)

The Intelli-Gel® Cushions are available in two options:

1. A lightweight, two-way stretch, fabric with a non-slip base and carry handle (a).

2. A lightweight, two-way stretch, vapour permeable, waterproof, welded fabric (b).

The Intelli-Gel® Cushions are suitable for a wide range of users in both domestic and healthcare applications. It is recommended to use the PU seam sealed cover where regular cleaning is necessary.

Cushion Dimensions

16" x 16"     400mm x 400mm
17" x 17"     430mm x 430mm
18" x 16"     450mm x 400mm
18" x 18"     450mm x 450mm
20" x 16"     510mm x 400mm
20" x 18"     510mm x 450mm

It is not recommended to use a thick fabric covering over Intelli-Gel® as this will reduce the effectiveness of its pressure relieiving properties. Use of a two way stretch, vapour permeable fabric such as Dartex is highly advisable.

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Intelli-Gel® is protected by US Patents 5749111, 6026527, 6413458, 6797765, 7076822, and other US and International patents pending.