Next Day Delivery has Arrived!

We are delighted to bring our customers a Next Day Delivery Service on the Wendover riser recliner!

Only applicable to certain specifications, please read on for more details >

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Battery Backup

Battery Operated Reset (Emergency Lowering Device)
This is integral to all our riser recliner chairs and can only be used once on a set of batteries. It should return the chair to a normal sitting position in the event of power failure (provided the batteries are fitted, connected and have full charge).

Battery Backup Systems Unit
In areas where there are frequent power-cuts we strongly recommend a rechargable Battery Backup unit or AccuPak System. The rechargeable Battery Backup unit plugs into the transformer and when fully charged it should allow approximately 30 - 40 operations of the chair.

Safety Notice: Please read and retain user instructions supplied with each A J Way riser recliner chair. All moving parts must be kept dust free and lubricated from time to time with a silicone based spray to ensure smoothness of operation. There are no user serviceable parts.

This mains independent power supply enables a chair to be operated without the need for trailing wires to a nearby power socket and doubles as a meaningful battery backup system. The AccuPak unit needs recharging once or twice a week for up to 8 hours and will then give 50 - 80 cycles of the chair when fully charged. When charge is low there is an audible alarm, at which point there is sufficient power for 2-3 operations. The chair may be operated whilst the battery unit is being recharged and there is no need to discharge the batteries completely to prolong their life. The lead gel battery is fitted underneath the chair and the charging point is on the back of the armrest.

Important Safety Note Regarding Riser Recliner Chairs
Children must never be allowed to play with or left unsupervised near lifting seat or reclining back chairs at any time. Users should be advised to remove the plug from the socket whenever possible if the product is not in use. All purchasers should be made aware of the important safety instructions supplied with the chairs.

All cables should be checked on a regular basis for any sign of wear and replaced whenever necessary. There are no user serviceable parts on our lift and recline chairs and the electrical parts should not be opened up or tampered with in any way. Extreme care should be taken to ensure that electrical cables are regularly checked and that all electrical parts are kept dry.